HSCT Stems HOPE is an initiative supported by Tiel Family Charities, LLC (TFC) to raise awareness of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT) as a treatment option for Multiple Sclerosis and other hematologically-rooted autoimmune diseases. HSCT treatment is a novel approach, a true paradigm shift from traditional treatment models for MS and other autoimmune disorders.

HSCT is still a very unfamiliar treatment approach within the research, medical, and autoimmune communities. Our goal is to heighten awareness surrounding HSCT as a treatment option with the intent to ease navigation for patients, families, and medical communities by facilitating treatment information discovery.

Through personal experience, we have learned the importance of gaining a comprehensive understanding of HSCT. We hope to provide information that covers differences in HSCT treatments, worldwide treatment locations, where to stay, who to contact, and where to direct your questions.

HSCT is the transplantation of blood stem cells derived from the patient’s own bone marrow (not donor marrow or embryonic cells). These stem cells are removed and stored while a conditioning regimen (chemotherapy and anti-inflammatory medications) is administered to the patient. HSCT has the potential to halt the underlying disease activity for MS and other autoimmune disorders in a large majority of those afflicted. After five days of immune conditioning, the individual’s stem cells are returned to the patient and the immune system begins to reboot and rebuild itself. The new immune system has little memory of its past MS activity and no longer attacks itself. Recovery and potential for repair begin within a self-tolerant immune environment.

HSCT is not a new procedure; it has been around and effectively used for the treatment of lymphoma and other cancers since the 1960s. In the early 1990s, clinicians started utilizing HSCT to treat autoimmune diseases. To date, HSCT remains the only scientifically-proven treatment to stop underlying MS disease progression, with the ability to restore normal immune functioning with lasting curative effects in the majority of those with MS. Like any other chemotherapy treatment, HSCT can be difficult to endure and expensive, but it is certainly achievable.

HSCT is the only treatment that I am aware of that has truly curative potential and it worked for me. I feel cured.