Daniel’s Story:

Daniel Tiel, post treatment, 2 months

Why do you think raising awareness around HSCT is important?

It is the only treatment that I am aware of that has truly curative potential and it worked for me. I feel cured. Hope is what turned my life around when I was disabled and in the pits of despair. It was this new hope that pulled me though. My wish is that people with MS and other autoimmune disorders find hope through this information.

How would you describe the HSCT initiative?

A new and very different treatment option that needs more attention. Because it worked for me and offers hope for others. I can sum it up with one clip.


Daniel Tiel, Northwestern HSCT

What do you see as the greatest barriers to making this available to everyone who wants it?

It is a paradigm shift, very different from current treatments for autoimmune disease. Therefore, traditional thinking and lack of awareness of new options are the current barriers. In time, we hope to create the demand that will move this treatment into the forefront of possibility for other.

Were you apprehensive of the treatment?

Not at first. However, during the treatment I really did get scared. It was a hard dose of chemotherapy. I encourage patients to do their research, so they know exactly what they are signing up for. It’s a journey. It’s not a pill where you’ll feel better in five minutes.

Daniel Tiel, post treatment, 5 months

Daniel Tiel, post treatment, 5 months

What was one of the hardest parts? Something you didn’t expect?

The mind…the change in physical improvement has been so quick for me. It’s like your mind has to catch up to where your body is now. I have spent 10 years trying to get through each day learning how to live with this disability. It may sound weird, but getting used to not thinking about myself with disabilities has been an adjustment and ongoing process, but I will get there!